Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clovis Dynamos

Well, Faith had her first soccer practice/game on Saturday and she was so excited.  It was all she could talk about during the week.  We signed Faith up for the Clovis Little Kickers, which is for ages 3 to 5. 
Before the excitement wore off.
When we showed up, we sat through a brief parent's meeting to explain the process and meet the coaches.  Once the meeting was done, we were sent to our respective fields to meet our coaches and get our shirts and socks.  Faith has two coaches and is on the Dynamo team and her team color is orange.

In this league, they practice and play a game at the same time.  The coaches split the team in half and one team goes to play in the game while the other half stays and practices drills.
Yes, she's the tiny little girl drinking out of her sippy cup.
 Well, the first day didn't go as expected.  Once they broke up into two groups, Faith was in the group that stayed and practiced drills first.  She didn't want anything to do with the coaches or the other players or even the drill.  She just clung to me and threw a fit.  Eventually, one of the coaches came over to her and got her involved enough that I was able to walk away and let her take it all in.
Getting ready to work on her dribbling technique.
When it came to game time, it was a whole other story.  She cried!  And I mean cried...as in tears coming out of her eyes!  Why you ask?  Because she wanted to play the game with her own ball instead of the game ball.

Lesson number one for her first season of soccer....her own ball stays home on game days!

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