Monday, July 12, 2010

First Solid Food

Faith had her first real taste of solid food today when Kevin fed her Carrots. She absolutely loved them! She tried to help daddy put the spoon in her mouth.

She loved the carrots so much that she started to cry when Daddy went and put the food away! She ate half of the jar in one sitting. We are so proud of her. She is getting so fast.
Oh, and the pink 'burns' on her cheeks...well, that's rug burn as she is learning the crawl...using her face. She will put her feet on the ground and push her butt in the air and push herself all over the carpet face first. Not sure where she learned that from, but if she keeps it up, she'll be crawling before long.
Oh, and she loved to giggle, especially when Daddy bounces her on his knee, like riding a horse, and singing the Bonanza song.

Rawhide Game and Country Music

Me and new country singer, Troy Olson. He performed before the Rawhide game and threw out the first pitch.