Wednesday, December 9, 2009

27 weeks and counting

Well, a lot has happened over the last two weeks. Here's a recap:

On December 1, 2009, as I was laying on the couch watching TV while Kevin was getting ready to go to work. While lying down, the baby started to move and kick quite a bit for about 15 to 20 minutes or so. When Kevin came out in to the living room, I told him to come over to me. He looked at me funny and told me that he was getting ready for work. I told him to come over to me again, and he did. I told him to put his hand on the side of my abdomen and hold it there. He then put his hand where I told him to and waited a few seconds. He looked at me and said, I don't feel anything. I told him to have some patience. After a few seconds, he looked at me and had a big grin on his face, the baby had kicked him in the hand pretty hard a couple of time. He was so excited. I don't think I could have given him a better birthday present.

The next day was his birthday. With him being so hard to shop for because he never asks for anything, I decided to get him a "Family" photo frame and put a couple of pictures in it. I put one of the two of us together, a picture of my growing belly that he took and a picture of the last ultrasound that was done. We went out to dinner with him mom, step dad and sister that night. After dinner, I presented Kevin with his present.

Needless to say, Kevin loved the present. So did everyone else.
Also on December 2, 2009, I had to go to the lab to have my glucose test done to see if I have gestational diabetes. (I'm told that every pregnant woman has to do this test.) it is a test where they make you fast overnight and go in first thing in the morning, drink a really sugary flat orange soda tasting drink and then wait an hour before they draw your blood. Well, I go the test results back yesterday and was told that I have to go back and take the three-hour test because my glucose level was elevated. I was also told that my iron count was low, but all I had to do to fix that problem is take an iron supplement at night. I will be going back to the lab on Monday to have the long test done.
Yesterday, I also had my 27 week checkup with Dr. Swanson. Other than the glucose issue, my pregnancy is going great. The baby does not like the doppler that the doctor/nurses use to check the baby's heartbeat as it just moved around every time the doctor tried to get a reading. i go in and see him again on December 28th, then in January I start seeing him every two weeks and then in February its every one week until the baby's born.
Only 13 more weeks or so!