Monday, March 23, 2009

Playing hide-n-seek

Yesterday, I spent the day working on my baby blanket that is now almost complete. When Kevin woke up, I set it aside for a while and went and watched some TV with him in the back room. When I came out to make him some lunch...I found this......

I noticed that there was a rather large lump underneath the blanket and it began to move. So I ran to the back room and grabbed my camera to take a few pictures. It stopped moving as I got closer to it, so I lifted it up to see what or who was underneath.

It was Penny! Curled up in a ball in the spot that I had vacated!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I bought myself a new bible.....

Well, Kevin and I have made the biggest decision we will make together at husband and wife. We have decided to try to start a family together. Before we left on vacation, we jokingly told our families that we were hoping to bring home a little souvenir in about nine months. The funny part of the whole thing was when I told everyone that I was too sick to enjoy our last day in Florida, everyone asked me if I was morning sick. The answer to that

Well, yesterday, I was talking to a client who has two daughters who are 3 years old and 10 months old. We were talking about the fact the Kev and I are trying to have a baby. Well, she originally came in to talk about her case and we ended up talking for half an hour about what to do. She recommended that I go out and buy a book entitled 'What to Expect When You Are Expecting'. It is apparently supposed to be the pregnancy bible and my client told me that it helped her through both of her pregnancies. (She's not the first person to recommend this book to me, though.) Well, I did after work.

The funny part is the fact that Kev is reading it too. I had set in on the coffee table while I ate dinner last night and Kev started to read through it while I ate. When he was done, I started to read it, only to have him start laughing at me. Who knew that you had to have so many shots before you became pregnant....and I HATE needles!

Well, I guess now is the waiting game. We'll keep trying and we'll both keep reading the book hoping that sometime in the near future we will be pregnant. Wish us luck!

Can Anything Else Go Worng with the House?

So, Kevin and I got back from Florida late Sunday night. I was sick and all I wanted was to take a nice hot shower and crawl into my own bed to sleep. Little did we know that my wish would not come true right away!

When we walked into the house, Kevin tried to turn on the lights. I reminded him that we had unplugged most to the lights in the house when we left over two weeks ago and went into the kitchen to turn on the kitchen light. We then walked through the house trying to turn on the rest of the lights. When that didn't work, we realized that we had no power. I then went to the fridge to see exactly how long power had been out. What we found was a spoiled mess! Everything in both the fridge and freezer had to be thrown out!

One thing that Kev has learned over the years is that I tend to be a real bitch when I am sick, so, he made me call and deal with PG&E. After being on hold for over 45 minutes, we finally got someone to pick up the line and deal with our issue. It turned out that PG&E came out on Wednesday or Thursday to replace our old meter with a new smart meter. When they did this, the worker failed to check to see if power came back on or even leave a note on the door saying that they had replaced the meter and to contact them if we had problems. I screamed at the poor lady on the other end that I was tired and a little hungry but couldn't eat anything because we have to throw it all out because it was spoiled.

In the end, I talked PG&E into reimbursing us for the money we had to spend on buying groceries to replace what had been spoiled because of their stupidity and to also credit us four days on our next bill. All we have to do in return is send them our grocery receipts and copies of our hotel bills proving that we were in fact out of town for that long. Problem one was taken care of just after midnight and Kev and I were able to go to bed around 3 a.m. after having to clean the fridge and kitchen floors.

Problem number two had to arise last night. I went to take a what I was hoping was a nice hot shower. After just a few minutes in the shower, the water turned luke warm and wouldn't get any hotter. I yelled at Kev and I thought the pilot light in the water heater had gone out again (this had happened right before we left on vacation and Kev re-lite it). I had to get out of the shower and dry off after not get to take the shower I needed to clean up. Well, Kevin spent about 15 minutes trying to get the darn thing to light and it never did. He eventually gave up and got dressed and left for work. When he got home this morning, he tried lighting the pilot light again, and it still would not light.

By this time, it was time for me to get up and take a shower and get dress so that I could go to work. Well, my shower consisted of taking a hand towel, wetting it and putting it in the microwave for a few seconds so that I could at least wash my face. I had to call our apartment manager at 6:50 a.m. to have some one come out a look at it and hopefully fix it before I get home from work so that I can finally take that nice hot shower I so desperately need!