Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Faith is six weeks old

My little girl is growing so fast! It seems like just yesterday that we just brought her home from the hospital. She has done so much in the last six weeks. She gets to go to work with me and she got to go on her first trip to Visalia for Easter.
A few days later, I took her to her first baseball game....the Visalia Rawhide's opening day verses the Stockton Ports.Up next...this weekend Kevin and I are taking her to Monterey for the weekend while he attends a union training event and then we get to move into our new house in the next two weeks! So much to look forward too!

It's Official!

The house is ours!

We got the keys last Friday to our new 3,000 sq.ft., six bedroom, three bath house! We are so excited. Kevin and I have been spending every free minute at the new house we can to get it move in ready.
Kevin surprised me with the good news Friday evening after I got off work with a text message picture of Faith sitting in front of the stairs with a message saying, "Hi Mommy, I'm at my new home!" He had gotten the key earlier in the day and spent the rest of the evening changing all the locks on the house and even put a new handle on the front door.
On Saturday, Kevin and I spent most of the day cleaning the house and taking measurements of windows for blinds. Things were going well until we moved the old stove and found roaches. Yuck! We stopped cleaning, figuring it wasn't going to do us any good and decided we needed to bug bomb the entire house before we finish cleaning and painting. So we called it quits, packed everything up and went home.
On Sunday, Faith went and stayed with Aunt Poe while we went back to the house to get it ready to bug bomb. Kevin fixed a blocked gas line in the laundry room and the leaky sink in the master bathroom. Once we finished all the repairs we could, we got it ready to bomb and Kevin set the off.
On Monday, Kevin went back to the house by himself to fix some more stuff and clean up the first bug bomb mess while I stayed home with the baby. We are going to wait a few days and then bug bomb it one more time to make sure we get rid of all of the roaches.
Today, Kevin, Faith and I went to Lowe's to start the fun stuff. Picking out paint to the inside of the house! We picked a pretty light green for Faith's nursery, decided to paint two walls in the office/baseball room Green Monster Green, the kitchen will be a Medium Buff and the rest of the house will be Cream in my Coffee in color and all the doors in the house will be Roasted Coffee.
Can't wait to start the painting next week so we can start moving in next weekend!