Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Visalia Rawhide

The Visalia Oaks are no more. This year, they are being called the Visalia Rawhide. Their new mascot is Tipper the Bull (see picture at right), which is a lot better mascot than the old Chatter the Squirrel/Rat that the Oaks had for years! Not quite sure where they came up with the name 'Rawhide', but it has since grown on the fans every since.

We also have a newly renovated ball park. For those of you who grew up in Visalia, you can remember what the old Recreation Ballpark looked like. There was no shade to sit in and the park was literally falling a part. In the last two years, they have added two pavilion areas and along the right field side have added at 'Hall of Fame Club' (see left), a merchandise store and some new (and desperately needed) bathrooms, which opened this season. The stadium looks completely different.

This year's team has been on a tear! Currently, they are in first place of their division in the California League standings with a record of 12-1. The last time a Visalia team started this hot was in 1978 and the team won the championship!

Go Rawhide!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nap time!

This is what I cam home to when I got off work. This is only amazing because Penny does NOT like Kevin and normally will not go anywhere near him. Had to take a picture to cherish my three sleeping babies!

Visalia Rawhide Meet the Team Potluck

On Monday, April 6th, myself and the Ranch Hands Booster Club put on a nice potluck for the Visalia Rawhide baseball team to welcome the team to Visalia after their first first official practice at the newly renovated Recreation Park. Kevin and I got to meet several of the Arizona Diamondbacks' top prospects and got a bat signed by the entire team.

After wondering around the renovated stadium and watching the team take batting practice, Kevin and I went and helped set up for dinner. Our contribution to dinner was this lovely cake that was done by the wonderful cake decorators at Costco. I told them I wanted a baseball themed cake and this is what they came up with. We had a lot of complements on the cakes by both Booster members and team players.

Just one word to the not eat potato or macaroni salad at a potluck! Very bad things can happen later!