Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3rd Birthday

My baby girl turned three on Friday, March 1st.  My how time flies.  It just seems like we brought her home from the hospital yesterday!

I still cannot believe how much she has changed and grown in just three short years.  She is a great combination of both her daddy and her mommy.  She has momma's looks and daddy's temperament.  I love it!  I always tell Kevin that is she so much her father's daughter!

Since her birthday fell on Friday and a day which she has preschool, her Titi sent her a bouquet of balloons, which I'm told by her teachers was the hit of the day for the entire class, and I brought her entire class mini cupcakes to celebrate her special day.

On Saturday, we went shopping to finish up getting things for her birthday party and did a little shopping for Easter decorations for the house.  Before we started off on our momma/daughter shopping adventure, I treated her to a birthday mani/pedi.

Sitting in her princess chair. 
(Mani/Pedi at Aqua Nail Salon in Clovis)
I let her pick out whatever color she wanted.  Before we got there, she told me she wanted purple.  Well, it turned out that she wanted  my toes to be a shimmery purple and hers to be orange!  I let it be.  It was, after all, her birthday.

While we were planning her birthday, I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted.  She looked at me and told me she wanted a "Dora the Explorer" birthday Party.  Well....Dora the Explorer party is what she got.  We sent out Dora invitations, had a Dora cake with Dora toys in it, Dora plates and napkins, and Dora wrapping paper.  I even made Dora's backpack as goody bags for all of the kids!

Hand made by me
(idea came from Pinterest)
 I also searched esty.com for some ideas on outfits.  I ended up ordering Faith this shirt.  She was so excited when she saw it for the first time.  (And yes, even the bow in her hair is Dora.) 

Shirt from etsy.com; skirt and shoes from Target;
bow from Best Kept Secret
 We decided to have her birthday party at Adventure Park in Visalia since all of our family lives in Visalia.  It tends to be easier to bring the party to our family rather than have them drive the way from Visalia.

Blowing out the candles on her Dora cake.
(Picture courtesy of Auntie Vicky!)
Needless to say, she had a great time with all of her cousins and friends that came to the party.  Everyone showered her with tons of gifts, most of which were Dora related.  (Go figure, right!) 

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